Technical Data ISOTEST 6

Test voltage: From 20 to 500Vdc infinitely variable, is generated in the device!

Measuring area: From 0 to 200 MΩ and ∞; with every test voltage.  

Power voltage: 9V battery (function from 5 to 10V) current: approx. 3-60mA.

No zero adjustable by stabilised test voltage necessarily.

Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 55 mm (5,1 x 2,8 x 2,2 inch)  

Weight with battery: 330 g (11,6 oz)  



By the infinitely variable adjustable test voltage the "ISOTEST 6" is suitable very well for capacitor check and isolation check in electric devices and arrangements. Before every introduction after longer break a battery test should be carried out: Voltage knob in position "500 V", Rx clips short-circuit, a tracer press, pointer must reach "0", otherwise a battery change is due. Draw off in addition lower case bowl, battery exchange, cases close, battery test. Voltage changes with low-spirited a tracer are absolutely to be avoided, the announcement instrument could be thereby damaged.

Danger of the test voltage:

Electric shocks are to be feared in no voltage- area by the low test current of max. 0.05 mA with 500 V (source resistance > 10 MΩ).

Care in condenser check: By the loading of the capacitor disagreeable and dangerous electric shocks can appear from 60 V, please around special care!

Applications of the "ISOTEST 6":

Test from: Capacitors (no Electrolytics!) variable condensors, trimmers, diodes, rectifiers, tubes (intern leakance), glow discharge devices (neon lamps), transistors, triac, thyristors, to engine, electric devices, installations, cables etc. - with the in each case allowed test voltage!

Ideally by capacitors would always be announcement ∞ endlessly. Coupling capacitors on radios and amplifier should be always substituted with flawless capacitors (resistance ∞ endlessly).

With capacitor measurements always wait for shutdown of the pointer.

The greater the capacity, the longer the measuring time.